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Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky (1986)

A young boy and a girl with a magic crystal must race against pirates and foreign agents in a search for a legendary floating castle.

Plot Keywords: flying, mine, magic, castle, lost civilisation, army, pirate, orphan, government agent, floating, pendant, blue sky, air pirate, crystal, anime

Original Title天空の城ラピュタ
DirectorHayao Miyazaki
WriterHayao Miyazaki
Production CompaniesStudio Ghibli, Nibariki, Tokuma Shoten
Production CountryJapan
Spoken Language日本語

Alternate Titles

Tenkū no shiro Rapyuta
Tenku no shiro Rapyuta
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Laputa - Castello nel cielo
לפוטה טירת הרקיע
הטירה המרחפת
Castle in the Sky
Castle in the Sky
LAPUTA - Il castello nel cielo