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DOA: Dead or Alive

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

Four beautiful rivals at an invitation-only martial-arts tournament join forces against a sinister threat. Princess Kasumi is an aristocratic warrior trained by martial-arts masters. Tina Armstrong is a wrestling superstar. Helena Douglas is an athlete with a tragic past. Christie Allen earns her keep as a thief and an assassin-for-hire.

Plot Keywords: competition, martial arts, kung fu, assassin, fight, island, karate, nerd, wrestling, bikini, sword fight, ninja, tournament, explosion, based on video game, swimsuit

DirectorCorey Yuen
WritersJ. F. Lawton, J. F. Lawton, Adam Gross, Seth Gross
Production CompaniesDimension Films, Impact Pictures, Constantin Film, Mindfire Entertainment, Team Ninja, VIP 4 Medienfonds, Tecmo, Bernd Eichinger Productions
Production CountriesGermany, United Kingdom, United States of America
Spoken LanguagesEnglish

Alternate Titles

Dead Or Alive
Doa - Vivo ou Morto
D.O.A.: Mort ou vif
DOA: Живой или мертвый
D.o.A. Dead or Alive
DOA - Vivo o Muerto