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Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex (2010)

Gunslinger Jonah Hex is appointed by President Ulysses Grant to track down terrorist Quentin Turnbull, a former Confederate officer determined on unleashing hell on earth. Jonah not only secures freedom by accepting this task, he also gets revenge on the man who slayed his wife and child.

Plot Keywords: gunslinger, dc comics, hell, facial scar, death, confederate, tomahawk

DirectorJimmy Hayward
WritersBrian Taylor, Brian Taylor, Mark Neveldine, Mark Neveldine, John Albano, Tony Dezuniga, William Farmer
Production CompaniesWarner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Weed Road Pictures, Mad Chance Productions, DC Comics
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Jonah Hex - Rache ist Hässlich
Jonah Hex - Caçador de Recompensas
Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex - O Caçador de Recompensas
Джона Хекс