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Ponmagal Vandhal

Ponmagal Vandhal (2020)

A resident in Ooty named ‘Petition’ Pethuraj reopens a case from 2004 that involved a serial killer ‘Psycho Jyoti’ who was convicted for the kidnapping and murder. Venba, his daughter and a passionate lawyer, seeks to unveil the truth.

Plot Keywords: court case, courtroom

Original Titleபொன்மகள் வந்தாள்
DirectorJJ Fredrick
WritersJJ Fredrick, JJ Fredrick, JJ Fredrick, Uma Devi
Production Company2D Entertainment
Production CountryIndia
Spoken Languageதமிழ்

Alternate Titles

Pon magal Vandhal
Ponmagal Vanthaal
Ponmagal Vandhaal
Ponmagal Vanthal