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The Haunting

The Haunting (1999)

Dr. David Marrow invites Eleanor Vance, Luke Sanderson, and Theo to the eerie and isolated Hill House to be subjects for a sleep disorder study. The unfortunate guests discover that Marrow is far more interested in the sinister mansion itself — and they soon see the true nature of its horror.

Plot Keywords: based on novel or book, trauma, castle, haunted house, insomnia, bone, poster, painting, haunting, child labor, audio recording, spiral staircase, evil, loner, researcher, insomniac, paranormal activity, logbook, strange noise, spook, cherub

DirectorJan de Bont
WritersDavid Self, Shirley Jackson
Production CompaniesDreamWorks Pictures, Roth-Arnold Productions
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

The Legend of Hill House
To stoiheiomeno spiti
La maldición
The Haunting of Hill House
Das Geisterschloẞ
Pryvyd budynku na pahorbi
Prizrak doma na kholme
Svŭrtalishte na dukhove