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The Host

The Host (2006)

Following the dumping of gallons of toxic waste in the river, a giant mutated squid-like appears and begins attacking the populace. Gang-du's daughter Hyun-seo is snatched up by the creature; with his family to assist him, he sets off to find her.

Plot Keywords: river, monster, bravery, archer, seoul, south korea, daughter, sewerage, pollution, formaldehyde, snack bar, family, asian origins

Original Title괴물
DirectorBong Joon-ho
WritersBong Joon-ho, Baek Chul-hyun, Ha Jun-won
Production CompaniesChungeorahm Film, Boston Investments, CJ Venture Investment, Cowell Investment Capital Co., Happinet, IMM Venture Capital, Knowledge & Creation Ventures, M-Venture Investment, OCN, Sego Entertainment, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Tube Pictures, Showbox, Cineclick Asia
Production CountrySouth Korea
Spoken LanguageEnglish, 한국어/조선말

Alternate Titles

Вторжение динозавра
O Hospedeiro
The Host